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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 25, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3&pmaps-95 at 195-back to maps pls -3 3 a baltimore county attorney... & a business geared towards kids... well hh's nowwaccusedd of ssliciting one for sex. 3 bars in florida... charred -3 with arranging to have sex ... &pwith what e thouuht was aa14 year old boy.turns out... it
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detectives.kalln also ownn fun house entertainment inn lutherville.a companyythat hosts magic shows foo ccildren. 3& (neiggbor) "and that's why this is really hard to believe you know beccuse he always like, if he saw somebodyyin - need he waa allayssthere tt harr to believe.. believe."baltiiore coonty police raided kalii's home in essex... taking a computerrand &pothhe evidence. in florida... a two year ood is founddwandering the streets... shirtless and with welts on hee body bodypolice are charging her parents with chiid took auttorities houus to pind thh prentt, but they were found... asleee and said the giil mmst havv snuck out. the child's fathhe told police he ad disciplined her earliee that day.the toddler and her two siilings are n -3 sttte custody. 33 a dramatic rescue in washhngton harbor... a mmn... taking photos in thh - georgetown
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area... looses his -3 footing... falling 25 feet 3 managed to cling o a wall until hell arrived.rescuers used a rope and a flotation device to pull him to safety. theeman is expected to be o-k. 3 federal agents innmaryland aae crackingg own on innernet 3 seeeral culpritt operating pverseas... doing business &phere inntheeu-s.the illegal - operattrs have bben indicted - on federal ggmbling charges. puthoritiessallo confissated more thann 0-milliin dollars... nd seized the websites..- 3 profit.">as part of the sting... federal ageett cceattd a boous businnss that specialized in prroessing paymenns for the websites. 3 wwth about one weekktt go until the first
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petitioondeadline.. opponents have enougghsignatures o kkee the drive alive. voluntters have been circulattig petitions at &ppublic events for the past sevvral weeks. -3 they're challening the "dream act".. which givee in-state tuitionnto illegal immigrrnts. 3 has struck a chord with maryland voters. 3 ww would like to gge 5-10000 petition iggatuues this week, - which would more than guaranteeettat we'll mmke it. may 31st deadline... they will need to ggt abbut 40-thousand moor valid siinatures... bb the end of junn to get the "dream act""oo the 20--12 ballot. 3 learnnmore about the nnw law petttioo at fox-baltimore dot com. look for "illegallimmigrant tuitton" under "hot topicc". if yyu don't have internet access you & can request a petition at 410-238--025. - p3
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p3 the highest paad workersson the states payroll... aaen't &pin the govvrnor'' offfce. & phey're in higher education. 10 of the 15 highest paid workees... are at the university of maryland in baltimore. ssoe re & doctorr, some are deans... and some are earning more ttan year. mmryland's highest paid eeployee is gary williams....he was the head - pasketball coach at the universityyof maryland... he took home wo-point-three million dollars last year. 3 ""n order to pay these people wwat they're worrh it maaes sense to me..." "thats totally rrdiculous they don't live like he don't. they ave no idea whatt you'reepaii is..... is..... -33 3 the state says the salaries are competittve with thee privvte sector. &pp3 today... facebook will emove nearly 20 thousand underrge users. the website requiree pts subscribers to be at least
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soon... they might ot have to. facebookkfouuder mark zuckerbbrg is fighting to allow under-13's... to se the psoial netwwrking site.but some say t's a bad move... that puts vulnerable children at risk..- 3 3its mportant because children really don'' know how to handle situations that can come up online such as bullying or ssalking these aae scarr situationssthey need to be supervised point bbank.... 3 opponents say facebook ssould beef up its screening... o & reduce the nnmber of undeeage pembers... and that it hould make itt privaay controls more aacessible. p3 ssay tuned to fox45 mmrring news for continuing coverage of this story. weell - demmnssrate how to adjuut your privacy settings on facebook... andddiscuss more &pways for parents to monitoo theirrchild's online profile. that's coming up innour 6 p''lock our. 3 igh gas pricee are not ssarrng away milliins of
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praaelers this holidayyweekend. if you're one of them, listen &pup. joel d..smith iss live n glen burnie with some wwys to increese your gas mileage on thh trip. and joel, that 3 3 3 igh gaa prices are not caring away illions of -3 travelers this holiday weekend. if you're one of them, listen ways to increase your gas mileageeon the trip. and joel, that more enjoyaale 3 ((d llb) átriple- aáá... & says... six... ut of tenn peeple... plaa to travel... memorial day eeeend, but we -& want to make sure you arr -&pdoing it the best way for your wallet, and your piece of ind. in the past two weeks, but there areesome ways to maaee sureeyou get the most bang for yoou bucc.. --check yoor air filter...
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dirty one could be costing you 10 percent in gas mileage. & --- make sure tiies are inflated properly... not overinflated though... edmmnds -dot com found that oessnt actually help very muuc. -- but thhs will. makeesure youurgas cap is not damaged, anddon tighhly. 17 ercent of all cars on hh road are losing gas because of evaporation. don't ive it away!!! triple a says 3 34.. millionnpeople & ationwide are traveling, up 100k. the reason it'ssnot 3 3 3 & to avoid traffic, heck out
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pive innglen burniee joel d. &psmith, fox 45 morning neww. &p 3 & 3 3 fox45 is stepping up... to -&psave you ffom the pain at the pump. 3 parms fill up" giveaway. sometime thii morning wee ill give away a 100--ollar royal farms gas carddall you have tt do is watchhfor the codeeword to appear on your screen.then &pthe 10tt caaler to correctly namm the ccde word wins.stay
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3 poming up on the early edition... the sttong bond &pbetween two in laws.... laws....(kelly-close- emotional)(looks uppin the wanteddhim toohave his own child.. (nods)" (nods)"the generous gift from p faaily meeber, that madeea baby ii our
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fibbrrbackkto mapp pls 3
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3 coming up... she haa a disease difficult. pp in the air..thinking): "foo 3& own child.. (nods)" (nods)" thh geeerous giff from a fmily member, thha mmae a 3 possible...and later in & ssorts...most people ate the 3 whh one raaen was happy o get an early wake up
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3 3 p3 ffr one extended family in anne rundel county... gatheeings contiine to grow inn a nique this morninggss -3 cover story... aahleen cairns explores a bond betweee sister ii-laww... with 3 "the gift f love.... " " 3 it's family time at one anne prunnel county home: (voiceeohhhhhh"coosins gatherr.. ("no crying...((hows girls wwth gllsses) along with the rest oo the extended ffmily... (aunt)"were one big happy family"(tapping n the babys head-video) it's 3 lattst ááááormaláá famill evennt.. was the weeding oo 3 ((ohh)"it waa an amazingg journey"but they had some tough decisions to make after a child"(joon)"thht was a concern for me, you had to
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understand with cysttc fibrosss thereewas a &ppossibility we may not have our own child"(keely-close- air..thinking): "for john i paaned him to haveehis own child.. (nods)"so ttey considered invitroo, but needed a gestational carrier... (two shoo)::e ttlked abouu it ann i waa like..who wouud do thissfor us" john tuuned to his brothee and sisttr in law ffrradvise:since they have five chiidren. (john)"the first person i thought about was yybrother's & pife natasha... i knnw that would be a strong possibility" -3 (twooshot kelly talks: )"he said she liies being pregnant.. im like..yes.. wiih her oww..laugh" luckkly--natasha agreed: (natasha response)"i wws sick for 18 to 199weeks.. normally onlyy12 tt 13 but i did have a lot of supporr ddrrng that made it easiee." her.. 3 she had morning sicknees and it wasnt s easy pregnanny as her own"and natasha had o & expllin it,,to her oww kkds: (natashaa"just ttat mommys
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pregann..its not mmmmys baby its aunt kelly and unnle johns baby and they werr fine with - that.."((tw shot)"its our -3 baby, my eeg aad his ours.. as they said shh was theeoven.. laugh"they did draw up a legal onnract, buu the parameters, from the start, were very clear. questtoo.. oh its nnt your baby..are you attached...your carryyng someoneeelses chhld.. ccrryiin for someone eesess baby but yyu know its not your &ppaay" on april 5th , cole 3 was born, i ot to hold &phim..say ello and had hat moment i cherish and then the real parents came nd off he wenn. and that was very for mm"" pounds nine ounces... and growing qickly: ( 3 shot in kitchen)"thhs is him..this s him.... now family gatherings are just a little bit largee... (close
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on coles facee)r's say science - pnd technology has changed drastically in the paat 10 years.. giving parents who have difficulties,, ore &&poptioos. (dr gilbert mottta- shady grove- annapolis) "therrs almost soom trratment we can offer couple..." dr gilbert ottla 3 clinic in annapolis overree's the prooess ... (voice he says there s an extensive gestational host carrrerss (dr gilbert mottla- shady grove- nnapolis)"tte woman who o this, are women who have been safely pregnann &pbefore, easily ppegnant and &ppaay enjoy being pregnant..and mostly they have the abiliiyy to help a couple in truly a uniqueewayyttat they cooldn't end uppwwth a baby in any other senerio" kelly chose -this option, herrsister, who also suffers with cystic pibbosis... dcided to adopt::- (kelly sister)"we looked into &ppivitro 3 fertt didnt have a gestational carrier and they'reewere no guaranttes"the cousiis bbrth ssories are diffeeent, the love the share in this the same. (john)"overall 'd saa its brouggh us aalot closer togethhr."(kelly close on face) "iiwould definitely describe it as a miraale think he is a ggit from god and natashhais a
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3 crying.. shee just so wooderful...."((atashh pesponse)"" dont think im playing god.. but i know for them toohave a fammiy... its something i could doofoo them" a spiritual family... (momenn in kitchen)"it did bring us closer.. natashh: absolutely" bonned by love. (natasha)"itt funny you say i -3 did all he hard work.. laugh.. its just beginning for you..laugg"in aa co co kc fox 45 news at 10 3 commng up in our 6 o'clock hour... grilling anyone? anyone?"i justtlove it. words can't explain why i love 3 much."ffid out the best deals for gas grills... that won't burn a holl innyour waalet. walllt.but next in sports... the ravens meet for a wwrkout at towson... what derrick nfl's current lockout...
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&pcoming up innour 6 o'clock hour... 3 developpents in the elizabeth &psmart kidnapping case...her abductor will be ssntenced &&ptoday and elizabeth smarttwill -3 address him for the first time...find out how loog he could ppnd today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.


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